Tournaments in SWEDEN 2022-2023

Ice Hockey Tournaments for Youth in SWEDEN

We hereby can offer to your teams participation in youth ice hockey tournaments in SWEDEN:
• We recommend you a suitable tournament by age category and performance level
• Tournaments for teams of age categories from U12 to J18, girls, women, veterans
• We secure a place for your team in chosen tournament
• We manage a friendly match to be played in Sweden on the way to the tournament place

• We manage hotel accommodation and meals on your travelling in Sweden
• We manage hotel accommodation and meals for your team during the tournament
• We ensure bus transport to the local tournament (from an airport in Sweden)

• Our help is based on long term co-operation with Swedish cup organizers (since 1993)


You can rely on us - we have more than 30 years of hockey trips experiences.



Tournaments in SWEDEN:


In autumn/winter 2022-2023:

U13 (2010) - AA cup - 28th - 30th December 2022 - Haparanda-Tornio

U14 (2009) - AA cup - 28th - 30th December 2022 - Haparanda-Tornio

U13 (2010) - AA/AAA - 6th - 8th January 2023 - Stockholm

In spring 2023:


U13 (2010) - AA cup - 17th - 19th March 2023- Vänersborg (fullybooked)


U12 (2011) - AA cup - 24th - 26th March 2023 - Vänersborg

U13 (2010) - AAA/AA cup - 30th March - 2nd April 2023 - Stockholm 

U14 (2009) - AA cup - 31st March - 2nd April 2023 - Vänersborg (fullybooked)

U12 (2011) - A/AA cup - 1st - 2nd April 2023 - Falun


U15 (2008) - AA cup - 7th - 9th April 2023 - Vänersborg

U11 (2012) - AAA cup - 8th - 10th April 2023 - Karlskrona

U12 (2011) - AAA cup - 8th - 10th April 2023 - Karlskrona

U16 (2007) - AA cup - 14th - 16th April 2023 - Vänersborg 


J18 (2005/2006) - AA cup - 21st - 23rd April 2023 - Vänersborg

U14 (2009) - AAA cup - 28th - 30th April 2023 - Valdemarsvik

In summer 2023:

U15 (2009) - AAA cup - 27th - 29th July 2023 - Valdemarsvik


Are you interested to join a tournament?

Book your place already now!!!

You can have your place in the tournament secured without paying anything. Tournaments in Sweden are very popular and teams reserve places long in advance. It may be too late in the autumn...

Contact us for more info - send an email to


More information - tournaments in Vänersborg (80 km from Gothenburg)

The above-mentioned international tournaments in Vänersborg have a very good organizational and especially sports level. The Swedes have been organizing them every year since 1982, and in the past a number of foreign teams have participated in tournaments.


Tournament system:

At each of the mentioned spring tournaments, 10 teams start, divided into 2 groups of 5 teams.


Game time: 

All games of the tournament will be played 2x 20 minutes (effective/stopped time).


Number of matches in the tournament: 

All teams are guaranteed 5 matches per tournament.


Playing days:

On Friday, the game starts at 7:30 in the morning.

Each team will play 2 matches on Friday and Saturday, 1 match on Sunday.

Recommended arrival to the tournament place - on Thursday afternoon/evening.


Price relations:

Team registration fee for the tournament: 4.000: - SEK (Swedish crowns)

Cost per person at the tournament venue: 2.200: - SEK

(price includes and 3x accommodation in the Scandic hotel in 2 to 6-bed rooms, meals starting on Thursday with dinner and ending on Sunday with lunch)

Accommodation in a single room can be arranged for an additional 400: - SEK /night



Transportation to the tournament venue and insurance of players for play abroad is arranged by each team according to their capabilities separately.

All fees are paid directly to the tournament organizers in Sweden.

Min. number of participants: 15 players + 2 goalkeepers + 3 people management (20 people)

Tournament applications can be submitted already now.

Tournaments in Sweden are very popular and that is why teams secure places in tournaments well in advance. 


If you are interested in participating in one of the tournaments, contact us as soon as possible.

Are you interested to join a tournament?

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