Tournaments in FINLAND 2024

Ice Hockey Tournaments in FINLAND

We hereby offer you participation of your team in youth ice hockey tournaments in Finland:
• We help you and recommend you a suitable tournament by age category and performance level
• Tournaments for youth teams of all age categories from U12 to U16
• We secure place for your team in chosen tournament
• We manage a friendly match in Finland to be played on the way to tournament place
• We manage hotel accommodation and meals for your team during the tournament
• We ensure bus transport to the local tournament (from an airport in Finland)

• Our help is based on long term co-operation with Finnish cup organizers (since 1993)


You can rely on us - we have more than 30 years of hockey trips experiences.



Tournaments in spring and summer 2024:

Helsinki Cathedral

In spring 2024:

March 29-31, Helsinki area


Boys U14 (2010) - AA, AAA (separate divisions)



April 12-14, Helsinki area


Boys U11 (2013) - A, AA, AAA (separate divisions) - Fullybooked!!!


Boys U13 (2011) - A, AA, AAA, AAA+ (separate divisions) - Fullybooked!!!


Boys U15 (2009) - AA, AAA (separate divisions)



April 13 - 14, Turku


Boys U11 (2013) - A, AA, AAA (separate divisions) 


Boys U12 (2012) - A, AA, AAA (separate divisions) 



April 19-21, Helsinki area


Boys U12 (2012) - A, AA, AAA (separate divisions) - Fullybooked!!!



April 20 - 21, Turku


Boys U13 (2011) - A, AA, AAA (separate divisions) 


Boys U14 (2010) - A, AA, AAA (separate divisions) 



April 26-28, Helsinki area


Boys U16 (2008) - AA, AAA (separate divisions)




In summer 2024 - preseason´s tournaments:


August 9-11, Helsinki area


2011 AA & AAA (separate divisions)


2009/2010 AA+


2007/2008 AA+


Girls U15  AA+


Girls U20  AA+




Are you interested to join a tournament? Ask for more info.

Tournament´s spots are limited and "First came, first served" applies... 

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