Senior HOBBY St. Moritz Cup 2022, SUI

Would you like to join a HOBBY TOURNAMENT 30+, 50+, 60+ i Europa?

Why not to go to wonderful ST. MORITZ in Switzerland for a tournament between 29 September - 1 October 2022?

PLC Sports would like to welcome you to the 4th Annual St. Moritz Cup.

The tournament gathers teams from all over the world to come to St. Moritz and compete in the Olympic tradition of good sportsmanship and great competition.

The tournament offers a 30+, 50+ and 60+ division.

Each team will play a minimum of 4 games in the tournament.

Games will start at 8:00am on Thursday morning and all teams are expected to be ready to play. The final games will be played on Saturday followed by a tournament banquet and awards ceremony. Winning teams will be presented with a St. Moritz Cup and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be award to the top 3 teams in every division. Individual awards will be handed out to the top scorer, best defenceman, best goalie, and team MVP awards.

Our host hotel is the Reine Victoria. All teams must book this hotel through PLC Sports. 
The hotel includes a buffet breakfast, buffy dinner, complimentary pass to the Ovavera Spa and a mountain railway pass.

Tournament format

The tournament offers a 30+, 50+ and 60+ division for hobby players.

In the 30+ division, player’s must be 30 years and older. Each team will be permitted to use 2 players who are 28 or 29 years old.

In the 50+ division, player’s must be 50 years or older. Each team will be permitted to use 2 player’s who are 48 or 49 years old.

In the 60+ division each team will be permitted to use 2 player’s who are 58 or 59 years old. These will be the only exceptions. Passports may be checked if a team requests an age check.

This is a hobby tournament for the enjoyment of all hobby players.

Players who have played in any professional league in the last 15 years are not permitted to play. All team rosters will be checked to ensure all registrations are valid. Players will be required to show picture identification when they check in at the tournament desk.

Games will have 55 minutes to be played.
There will be 2- 23-minute straight time periods with the last 2 minutes of the game stop time.
Teams will have a 5-minute warm up.

There will be 6 teams in the 30+ division, 6 teams in the 50+ division and 6 teams in the 60+ division.


Already registered teams

Division 30+:

teams from Canada, the U.S., Sweden, Finland, Switzerland.     1 spot left!!!


Division 50+:
teams from Canada, Switzerland, U.S., Finland and Germany.   1 spot left!!!


Division 60+:

teams from Canada, the U.S. and 2 from Finland.   2 spots are open!!!

Are you interested to join?
Ask for more info like registration fee, costs for meals and hotel accommodation.

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