Nano respirator SpurTex® V100 FFP2 NR

Czech company SPUR a.s. manufactures nanostructured materials SpurTex®

We represent the Czech manufacturer of nanoproducts the company SPUR a.s. and offer direct deliveries from the factory to your destination. The family company SPUR a.s. has started business activitie 1992 and currently employs 240 people and in 2020 sales reached more than one billion CZK (equivalent to approximately 40 million Euros). More than 70% of production is exported abroad.

The company SPUR a.s. is a leading Czech expert in nanotechnology and has developed and manufactured the unique nanostructured filter material SPURTEX®.

SPURTEX® nanofiber filter membrane creates a mechanical barrier with exceptional filtration ability. It thus prevents the penetration of harmful particles and is therefore particularly suitable for USE IN HEALTH AND HEALTHCARE. EFFICIENCY is between 95-99% according to the filter class used of material.


Nanofiber RESPIRATOR SpurTex® V100 FFP2 NR

   Basic features:

* 7ply FFP2 respirator with a nano layer

* Excellent filtration of ultrafine virus-sized particles of 30–150 nm

* High air breathability

* Adjustable nose wire

* Full certification according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009by Occupational Safety Research Institute in Prague

* Colour variants:  black/white

* Sizes:  M/L (only white), black colour is available only in size L

Prices from 1. April 2021:

When ordering  540-3.000 pcs.             =  1,10 €/pc.

when ordering  3.001 - 10.000 pcs.       = 1,00 €/pc.

when ordering  10.001 - 100.000 pcs.   = 0,95 €/pc.



Prices are without tax (VAT) and transport, fco manufacturer in Zlin, Czech Republic

We arrange transport from the factory in the Czech Republic to the customer.


Packaging:  5 pcs. (540 pcs. in a package)

                  50 pcs. (800 pcs. in a package)


Minimal order:  540 pcs.

Technical documents

* Technical data sheet

* Certificate - EU Declaration of Conformity No. 1

* Certificate - EU Type-Examination Ceertificate No. 1024/E-071/2020


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