Ice Hockey Weekends in Carlsbad & Most 2022

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)
Carslbad (Karlovy Vary)
Ice-arena in Most

Dates for ice hockey weekends in Most & Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)

Dates:  7:th – 8:th  May 2022 - Most

           14:th – 15:th May 2022 - Most

           21:st – 22:nd May 2022 - Most

           28:th – 29:th May 2022 - Most

             4:th – 5:th June 2022 - Most

         11:th – 12:th June 2022 - Most

         18:th – 19:th June 2022 - Karlovy Vary

         25:th – 26:th June 2022 - Karlovy Vary

            2:nd – 3:rd July 2022  - Karlovy Vary

           9:th - 10:th July 2022 - Karlovy Vary

         16:th – 17:th July 2022  - Karlovy Vary

         23:rd - 24:th July 2022 - Karlovy Vary


Basic information

Event places: 

Czech town CARLSBAD (Karlovy Vary, 130 km west of Prague)

Czech town MOST (90 km northwest of Prague)


Event organizer:  Avantgard Hockey z.s.


Suitable for age categories:  boys of age 10 to 20 years old


Training hours:  totally 6 hours of ice training

On Saturdays:  14:00-15:30, short break/pause, 15:45-17:15

On Sundays:     10:00-11:30, short break/pause, 11:45-13:15



At the end of each training day - ice skill competitions will be held for all participants!


Skill competitions

* accuracy shooting

* slalom with puck
penalty shootings - player
penalty shootings - goalkeeper
player speed ev. also the speed of the puck fired

Training program and training team

The focus of the training units will be as follows:


*  skating, powerskating, skating technics

*  individual game skills - shooting, scoring, puck control, passing, recieving, contact game

*  game activities – defensive game, change over to attack

*  individual training of goalkeepers, backs, forwards

*  off ice preparation – agility, stretching, gymnastics, athletics

*  competitions

*  dynamic hockey 


Training team:

Zdenek Kolman, Daniel Šoustek & youth ice hockey represenatives raised by head coaches 

After each training session - physiotherapy and stretching - by Sabina Prontová.


Financial conditions


1 day training sessions   =   75 €/person  (incl. dinner)

2 days training sessions = 140 €/person 

(incl. dinner on Saturday + lunch on Sunday)

small snacks and drinking regime each day included



Accommodation is not included in the price.

Everyone arranges accommodation by their own ( etc.)

If you need help with accommodation, contact us.


Applications are open!

You can register no later than 7 days before the start of the camp.

(depending on the occupancy of the date, because the capacity of each camp is limited)




If given ice hockey weekend can not be realized due to current coronarestrictions the full participation fee will be refunded.

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